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At what age am I no longer covered under my parents' insurance policies?

As long as you live with your parents and maintain the same permanent address, your personal belongings are protected by their home insurance policy. Their home insurance also provides liability protection in case you damage someone else's property or injure someone and are sued.

Going off to college? Your parent's home insurance covers your belongings if you live on campus in a dorm. Be aware there are limits on certain items, such as electronic equipment and jewelry, so you might need additional coverage for those. As soon as you move into an apartment, though, whether you're attending college or working full-time, you need your own renters' insurance policy. Of course you'll need your own condo or home insurance when you purchase a condo or house.

You can stay on your parents' car insurance policy as long as you live at home and they own the cars your drive. Once you purchase your own car, most car insurance companies require you to have your own policy, even if you still live at home.

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